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DURA Concrete Canada Incorporated is a Full Service Provider of Specialty Ultra High Performance Concrete Products 

About DURA® 

DURA® was founded in 2016 and is based in Lakeshore, Ontario. DURA® designs and produces customized and standardized Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC) components for specific infrastructures and architectural markets. DURA® aims to reduce our carbon footprint by using sustainable materials. By producing and offering innovative, and reliable materials as well as the services of the highest quality, we are looking to establish a new paradigm for sustainable and stable structures across North America.  DURA® Ultra-High-Performance Concrete provides excellent mechanical and durability performance. DURA® is fully committed to a sustainable future by protecting the environment.



Structural Solutions

Ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC) is a promising new class of fiber-reinforced cementitious composite materials that are significantly addressing the challenges related to the durability, load capacity, economy, sustainability, and environmental impact of concrete infrastructures. 

DURA® UHPC has a minimum specified compressive strength of 120 MPa. The exceptional properties of UHPC give engineers the freedom to reduce overall weight and section sizes while maintaining mechanical performance.

DURA® materials have been successfully used in different projects such as joint fill connection materials for bridge constructions, and other engineering applications that require superior mechanical and durability characteristics. 


Architectural Solutions 

DURA® UHPC is an innovative and market-changing material with many beneficial architectural applications. With the importance of developing sustainable structures that will last for many generations, DURA® architectural elements provide a diverse selection of sustainable materials. We offer custom made shapes, colors, and textures for facades, tiles, roofs, sun shading, and cladding. Using UHPC for architectural elements allows for thinner members resulting in decreased weight and thickness.

DURA® opens entirely new possibilities to increase value engineering and design flexibility. It is our goal to bring architects blueprints into reality.


Repair and Rehabilitation

DURA® provides a wide range of repair and rehabilitation solutions for different industries. DURA® UHPC materials can be engineered and tailored to make it compatible with the existing deteriorated concrete infrastructure elements. Our new technology and highly trained crews can restore and reinforce all structural members by using special and engineered concrete. 

Structural members can be reinforced and jacketed with DURA® UHPC by using fewer materials and thinner sections as compared to traditional concrete. 

DURA® UHPC has a
 low maintenance cost,  superior durability, crack-resistant, self-healing ability over time.







DURA® PREMIX UHPC is a pre-blended powder that is designed to give superior characteristics and performance. The material is available in two different weights,  50 lbs (10.5 litres) bags and 2000 lbs (400 litres)  super sacks.  The premixed materials are sold with fibres and chemical admixtures. 

DURA® Projects 

Bridge Deck Fill Joints

Location: White River, Ontario

Client: Ministry of Transportation 

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